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Singkatan - Singkatan Yang Sering Kita Dengar Pada Dunia IT

Halo, Sobat Technizen kali ini Technizen mau kasih tau nih singkatan - singkatan yang biasanya kita dengar Pada Dunia IT , dan mungkin beberapa ada yang kalian belum tahu nih. Silakan kamu langsung bookmark saja barang kali kamu butuh bisa langsung lihat lagi  Apa saja ya ? yuk Kita lihat apa saja

ADSL  = Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AGP  = Accelerated Graphics Port
ALI  = Acer Labs, Incorporated
ALU  = Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMD  = Advanced Micro Devices
APC  = American Power Conversion
APU = Accelerated Processing Unit 
ASCII  = American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC  = Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASPI  = Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
AT  = Advanced Technology
ATI  = ATI Technologies Inc.
ATX  = Advanced Technology Extended
ATM = Automated Teller Machine
AOL = America Online
AVI = Audio Visual Interleaved

BFG  = BFG Technologies
BGA = Ball Grid array
BIOS  = Basic Input Output System
BNC  = Barrel Nut Connector
Bit = Binary Digit
BSD = Barkeley Software Development

CAS  = Column Address Signal
CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computer and Human Apart.
CD  = Compact Disk
CDR  = Compact Disk Recorder
CDRW  = Compact Disk Re - Writer
CD -ROM  = Compact Disk  - Read Only Memory
CFM  = Cubic Feet per Minute (ft/min)
CMOS  = Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CPU  = Central Processing Unit
CTX  = CTX Technology Corporation (Commited to Excellence)
CMD = Command Prompt
COMPUTER = Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research
CC = Carbon Copy
CC = Credit Card 
CCNP = Cisco Certified Network Professional 
CCCP = Cisco Career Certification Program
CGI = Computer Graphic Image
CGI = Common Gateway Interface

DDR  = Double Data Rate
DDR - SDRAM  = Double Data Rate  - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
DFI  = Design for Innovation
DIMM  = Dual Inline Memory Module
DRAM  = Dynamic Random Access Memory
DPI  = Dots Per Inch
DVD  = Digital Versatile Disc
DVD -RAM  = Digital Versatile Disk  - Random Access Memory
DOMAIN = Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network
DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecomunications
DAT = Digital Audio Tape

ECC  = Error Correction Code
ECS  = Elitegroup Computer Systems
EDO  = Extended Data Out
EEPROM  = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read - Only Memory
EPROM  = Erasable Programmable Read - Only Memory
EVGA  = EVGA Corporation
EMOTICON = Emotion Icon
E-Mail = Electronic Mail
EAX = Environmental Audio Extension

FC -PGA  = Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
FDC  = Floppy Disk Controller
FDD  = Floppy Disk Drive
FPS  = Frame Per Second
FPU  = Floating Point Unit
FTP = File Transfer Protokol
FSAA  = Full Screen Anti  Aliasing
FS  = For Sale
FSB  = Front Side Bus
FM = Frequency Modulation

GB  = Gigabytes
GBps  = Gigabytes per second or Gigabits per second
GDI  = Graphical Device Interface
GHz  = GigaHertz
GOOGLE = Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language of Earth.
GPS = Global Positioning System
GIF = Graphics Interchange Format
GUI = Graphical User Interface
GSM = Global System for Mobile Communications
GPRS = General Packet Radio Services
GPL = General Public License
GID = Group ID

HDD  = Hard Disk Drive
HIS  = Hightech Information System Limited
HP  = Hewlett - Packard Development Company
HSF  = Heatsink - Fan
HSDPA = High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSUPA = High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
HTML = HyperText Markup Language 
HTTP = Hiper Text Transfer Protocol

IBM  = International Business Machines Corporation
IC  = Integrated Circuit
IDE  = Integrated Drive Electronics
IFS = Item for Sale
IRQ  = Interrupt Request
ISA  = Industry Standard Architecture
ISO  = International Standards Organization
Internet = Interconnected Network.
IMDb = Internet Movie Database
IDE = Integrated Development Environment
IM3 = Indosat Multimedia Mobile

JBL  = JBL (Jame B. Lansing) Speakers
JVC  = JVC Company of America
JPG = Joint Photographic Group

Kbps  = Kilobits Per Second
KBps  = KiloBytes per second
Kb = kilobit
KB = Kilobyte

LG  = LifeGood 
LAN  = Local Area Network
LCD  = Liquid Crystal Display
LDT  = Lightning Data Transport
LED  = Light Emitting Diode
LASER = Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LTE = Long Term Evolution
LiLo = Linux Loader

MAC  = Media Access Control
MB   MotherBoard or MegaByte
MBps  = Megabytes Per Second
Mbps  = Megabits Per Second or Megabits Per Second
MHz  = MegaHertz
MIPS  = Million Instructions Per Second
MMX  = Multi - Media Extensions
MSI  = Micro Star International
Malware = Malicious Software 
Multimedia = Mutiple form of media
Monitor CRT = Cathode Ray Tube
MP3 = Moving Pictures Experts Group, layer 3 
MCSE = Microsoft Certified System Engineer
MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

NAS  = Network Attached Storage
NAT  = Network Address Translation
NEC  = NEC Corporation
NIC  = Network Interface Card

OC  = Overclock (Over Clock)
OCZ  = OCZ Technology
OEM  = Original Equipment Manufacturer
OCR = Optical Character Recognition

PC  = Personal Computer
PCB  = Printed Circuit Board
PCI  = Peripheral Component Interconnect
PDA  = Personal Digital Assistant
PDF = Portable Document Format
PCMCIA  = Peripheral Component Microchannel Interconnect Architecture
PGA  = Professional Graphics Array
PLD  = Programmable Logic Device
PM  = Private Message / Private Messaging
PnP  = Plug 'n Play
PNY  = PNY Technology
POST  = Power On Self Test
PPPoA  = Point - to - Point Protocol over ATM
PPPoE  = Point - to - Point Protocol over Ethernet
PQI  = PQI Corporation
PSU  = Power Supply Unit
PPP = Point to Point Protocol
PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network 
PID = Process ID
P2P = Peer To Peer

QR Code = Quick Response Code

RAID  = Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAM  = Random Access Memory
RAMDAC  = Random Access Memory Digital Analog Convertor
RDRAM  = Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
ROM  = Read Only Memory
RPM  = Revolutions Per Minute
Radar = Radio Detection and Ranging
RAD = Rapid Application Development

SASID  = Self - scanned Amorphous Silicon Integrated Display
SCA  = SCSI Configured Automatically
SCSI  = Small Computer System Interface
SDRAM  = Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SECC  = Single Edge Contact Connector
SODIMM  = Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SPARC  = Scalable Processor ArChitecture
SOHO  = Small Office Home Office
SRAM  = Static Random Access Memory
SSE  = Streaming SIMD Extensions
SVGA  = Super Video Graphics Array
S/PDIF  = Sony/Philips Digital Interface
SIM Card = Subscriber Identity Module Card.
SONAR = Sound Navigation and Ranging
SSD = Solid State Drive 
SMS = Short Message Service
SLIP = Serial Line Internet Protocol
SOHO = Small Office Home Office

TB  = Terabytes
TBps  = Terabytes per second
Tbps  = Terabits per second
TCP = Transmission Control Protokol
TDK  = TDK Electronics
TEC  = Thermoelectric Cooler
TPC  = TipidPC
TWAIN  = Technology Without An Important Name

UART  = Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USB  = Universal Serial Bus
UTP  = Unshieled Twisted Pair
UFO = Unidentified Flying Object

VCD  = Video CD
VPN  = Virtual Private Network
VIRUS = Vital Information Resource Under Siege
VGA = Video Graphics Array / Adapter
VRAM = Video RAM / Video Random Acces Memories
VCR = Video Cassette Recorder
VNC = Virtual Network Computing

WAN  = Wide Area Network
WINDOWS = Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution
WTB  = Want to Buy
WYSIWYG  = What You See Is What You Get
WIFI = Wireless Fidelity.
WWW = World Wide Web
WAP = Wireless Aplication Protocol
WMA = Windows Multimedia Format

XGA  = Extended Graphics Array
XFX  = XFX Graphics, a Division of Pine
XMS  = Extended Memory Specification
XT  = Extended Technology

YAHOO = Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
YMail = Yahoo Mail

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